Safe on-site education at ESH Secondary

We look forward to welcoming our students and staff back to school, and will endeavour to provide everyone with the safest possible environment. This page will be updated regularly with new announcements and resources about the return to on-site education from 2 June.

ESH Secondary COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol


New timetables

Two timetables have been created. One for online lessons, and one for on-site lessons. The concept for the on-site timetable is below, and the final timetables are available on Webuntis.

To ensure smaller class sizes, some classes have been split into 2 groups, A and B. These will be displayed as green (group A) and yellow (group B) on the timetable in Webuntis. Online lessons will be displayed in pink, and other on-site classes such as Art, Music, PE and ICT will be displayed in grey.

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Getting to school

Transport guidelines:

  1. Students should walk or cycle to school.
  2. For those who live too far away to cycle (more than 8kms from the school), parents will need to bring students to school by car or use our school bus service.
  3. The advice from the government is that public transport should not be used by students to get to school.

Arriving at school

Parents are not allowed to enter the school grounds, and should use the kiss and ride. Students may have to wait outside the school gate before entering the premises, and should maintain a 1,5m distance from others. Upon entering the school, students follow the designated route and go straight to their classroom.

Before entering a classroom, students need to clean their hands using the sanitizer gel provided, and take a paper towel with cleaning spray to wipe down their desks. Students fill the room starting from the desk in the rear corner. This process is repeated when the students leave the room.

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Map - Leaving school
Map - First floor corridors
Map - Ground floor corridors
Map - Arriving at school

Ensuring a safe environment

Class sizes have been reduced to limit the number of students in each classroom, and ensure 1,5m distance between students. We have tried to minimise the number of free periods, particularly for our younger students. Students who may have a free period are not allowed to leave the school grounds. This is to prevent students from visiting shops or external locations, where they might be at risk of contamination, and then returning to school.

Traffic in the corridors will be restricted to one-way, and lockers will not be used. As much as possible we will try to keep students in the same room for all of their lessons, meaning that only the teachers will need to move around the school.

All windows will be kept open throughout the day to improve ventilation in the classrooms. Teachers are not allowed to provide hand-outs to students, such as papers and study materials.

Students may use the bathroom during lesson time, but only one student is allowed in the toilet block at a time.

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1,5 metre small classrooms
1,5 metre small classrooms

Canteen closed

It was previously announced that the Canteen would be open to provide lunch for students who are staying for a full day. After further consideration, it has been decided that the Canteen will be closed to reduce any possibility of transmission. Students who are attending school for the full day will need to bring their own lunch from home, which will be eaten in the classrooms.


Only 10 students will be allowed to be inside the Library at a time for reading and silent study, and students are not allowed to congregate in groups. Computers, iPads, desks and chairs must be cleaned before and after use. Follow the direction arrows and maintain 1,5m distance.

Borrowing books:

  1. Choose your books using the Library’s online catalogue
  2. Email with the names of the books that you want, and the day and time when you will come to pick them up
  3. Arrive at the specified time and your books will be ready for collection
  4. Books can be returned in the box outside the Library door

On-site Physical Education

S1-S4 students who have an on-site PE lesson are encouraged to wear their sports clothes to school, as there is not enough space in the change rooms to allow a whole class to safely maintain a 1,5m distance.


Academic support lessons will continue online. Social and emotional support will still be available. The student counsellor and the school psychologist will share an online form with students to make an appointment.

Study rooms

The Library, Common Room and La Permanence will remain open for a limited number of students to be used for quiet study. These spaces are dedicated for students with free periods only.

Keeping the coronavirus under control: rules for everyone

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Hygiene requirements

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Comment faire un lavage de mains efficace ?


Oproep aan jongeren: denk mee

Premier Rutte richt zich in de persconferentie specifiek tot jongeren. 'Wij zien dat de meesten van jullie zich goed aan de regels houden. Het is mede dankzij jullie dat er minder mensen in het ziekenhuis liggen.' Hij combineert het compliment met een oproep. 'Hoe doe je dat in de toekomst, de 1,5 meter afstand houden? Kom met ideeën, kom met kritiek - het liefst opbouwend. Ook tegen ouders en lokale politici wil ik zeggen: ga serieuze gesprekken aan met de volwassenen van de toekomst.'

Call to youth: share your thoughts

Prime Minister Rutte specifically addressed young people in the press conference. "We see that most of you stick to the rules. It is partly thanks to you that there are fewer people in the hospital". He combines the compliment with a call to youth. “How will you maintain social distance in the future? Come with ideas, come with criticism - preferably constructive. I also want to say to parents and local politicians: start serious conversations with the adults of the future”.

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