Safe on-site education at ESH

Our objective is to provide a safe and hygienic environment at ESH to protect our staff and students from infection by the Coronavirus. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our school updates. Our goal is to provide the best educational experience for your children under the current restrictions and regulations. When in doubt about symptoms, please get tested by making an appointment with the GGD by calling 0800-1202.

The whole class does not need to quarantine if there’s one (Covid-19) positive case. “Close contacts” may be required to self-isolate. However, with multiple infected children, the GGD may advise the whole class to quarantine. ESH will always follow their expert advice. 

From the 2nd of December 2021, the following General Measures are effective:

  • Staff need to keep 1,5m distance from one another. Pupils are not required to keep distance from each other or adults in school.
  • Face masks are compulsory for staff and are urgently advised for pupils in P4 & P5 when traveling through the school.
  • It is strongly advised that staff and pupils from P4 & P5 self-test 2x per week. Tests are available in school for staff. Pupils in P4 and P5 receive 2 self-tests per week to take home and use in the morning before school. If the self-test result is positive, the procedure for testing (PCR at the GGD) needs to be followed.
  • Safety equipment such as protection screens and facemasks will be provided by school to be used in the classrooms.
  • Pupils and members of staff with Covid-19 related symptoms need to stay at home and need to be tested by the GGD. This is applicable for all symptoms including mild symptoms such as runny noses. Pupils and staff can return to school when they have tested negative.
  • No parents or other externals are allowed in school except in exceptional cases and upon invitation.
  • Staff will keep classes separated as much as possible.
  • School will continue to provide soap and paper towels to make sure children and staff can wash their hands frequently.

Please note: It is our strong recommendation to book a PCR test at the GGD if your child develops any Covid-19 related symptoms. Before the test and while you are waiting for the result, your child needs to stay at home. Only if the result is negative, can your child return to school. If you decide to do a self-test, your child may only come to school if the result is negative. If the self-test or PCR test is positive, your child may not come to school and we should be informed about this positive result as soon as possible.

Please view this Decision Making Flow Chart to guide you:

An English version will be shared as soon as it has been published by the authorities.

First page of the PDF file: Decisiontreechildage0-group8primary-BOinK_AJN_241221

Travelling? Please check - Quarantine rules may apply:

All information regarding travel restrictions, quarantine regulations and/or when PCR tests are needed can be found on the Dutch Website



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Keeping the coronavirus under control: rules for everyone

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Comment faire un lavage de mains efficace ?

Children: The future is in your hands. Share your ideas!

Prime Minister Rutte specifically addressed young people in the press conference. "We see that most of you stick to the rules. It is partly thanks to you that there are fewer people in the hospital". He combines the compliment with a call to youth. “How will you maintain social distance in the future? Come with ideas, come with criticism - preferably constructive. I also want to say to parents and local politicians: start serious conversations with the adults of the future”.