Safe on-site education at ESH Primary

Our objective is to provide a safe and hygienic environment at ESH to protect our staff and students from infection by the Coronavirus. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our school updates. Our goal is to provide the best educational experience for your children these last few weeks of term.

ESH Primary Health & hygiene Protocol 


Health Check Flow Chart: start by asking yourself the 3 questions in blue

NEW times for Drop off and Pick Up

Drop off and Pick Up (DOPU) procedures

No parents or visitors are allowed to enter the school buildings at any time. 

  • Parents are expected to adhere to the 1,5m social distancing rule at all times, near the gates, walking routes into school, during drop off and pick up and talking to staff at the end of the day. Staff in our school have the right to a healthy and safe working environment as does the whole ESH community. 

Parents are kindly asked to respect the instructions of the security guards and traffic controllers and to avoid gathering too closely near the "safe zone" in front of the gates. This space is for children to enter and exit the school. Please be patient and adhere to social distancing expectations.

Bus Riders: Children who come to school with a bus will enter the main entrance gates as they arrive, and not wait for their allocated time slot. Early Years children will be take to the EY gate by the bus driver and enter immediately. They will be taken to the atrium.  


Drop off and Pick Up at ESH - click to enlarge

Government Guidelines

Foot Traffic Flow - Front

Pick Up P1 and P2

Canteen's Meals on Wheels

We are grateful for the fIexibility of LOF catering. Instead of children eating in the canteen, meals have been delivered to the classroom. This avoids foot traffic in the passages and stairwells.
LOF catering follows the RIVM guidelines for cooking and delivering warm food with the highest health and hygeine standards.


We know that ESH children LOVE TO READ because there are 550 books still missing from the library! 

Your three librarians kindly ask children to please return their library books to the book return  boxes provided. These are located opposite the concierges office, in the atrium and on the ground floor of the Portocabins.

The library will remain closed to children as it will involve too much movement in school. Teachers visit the libraries without their classes in order to expand their in-class libraries. Pupils can then borrow from these libraries. This will reduce the need for pupils to move around the building. 

Dont forget... Borrowing books online:

  1. Choose your books using the Library’s online catalogue, Orbit.
  2. Books can be returned to the big RETURN boxes around the school.
  3. To find out how to open your BorrowBox account, click here for the ESH library webpage


Academic support lessons will begin again to facilitate school work. Children will receive support lessons - not in mixed groups, but withdrawl from the class and one on one. Support rooms will be cleaned after every session. Where possible, and weather dependent, teachers may work outside with pupils.
Social and emotional support will also be available. 

Distance Learning

For children in self-quarantine, ESH will provide distance learning. We are in the process of creating a Distance Learning document that will allow our school to provide a more consistent provision for the children accessing Distance Learning and that will ensure this group stays connected to their class and the school work of their groups.

Change to Timetables

On-site Lessons: Literacy, L1, Maths, Discovery of the World, PE and Art
Off-site Lessons: DAL, MT and L2
As we explained in our letter to parents, due to the changes in staff dynamics, specialist subjects will continue on Wednesdays via Distance Learning. Children will get two PE lessons a week. 

End of Year Class Parties and Farewells

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we are not able to host any parties at school. That means, parents and class reps can organize to meet outside of ESH to celebrate together at a playground, the beach, or somewhere else fun. Perhaps there are some excess “class funds” that can be used for this purpose. Please offer to help your class rep finish the year on a high! Don’t let the virus stop your safe celebrations.


Corona Art Project

Keeping the coronavirus under control: rules for everyone

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Hygiene requirements

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Comment faire un lavage de mains efficace ?

Children: The future is in your hands. Share your ideas!

Prime Minister Rutte specifically addressed young people in the press conference. "We see that most of you stick to the rules. It is partly thanks to you that there are fewer people in the hospital". He combines the compliment with a call to youth. “How will you maintain social distance in the future? Come with ideas, come with criticism - preferably constructive. I also want to say to parents and local politicians: start serious conversations with the adults of the future”.