With such diversity at our multicultural school, our community extends well beyond The Hague. We have more than 50 nationalities in at our school and we celebrate all of their cultures, languages and traditions. In particular, the national days of all European countries are a cause for celebration at our school.

Where we're from

Map of European families at ESH

Celebrating culture

Supporting local and global charity

It's important for children to develop international mindedness as well as raise their awareness of global issues. We want to support our students in developing a deepening understanding of the challenges that exist and provide opportunities to live out our values of ambition, positivity and respect.

Make a Difference Project

ESH Make a difference project

The Make a Difference Project requires S4 students to participate in activities in which they make a positive contribution to their community. Students arrange their own activities such as volunteering with a community organisation, tutoring, coaching, organising charity events, helping a neighbor, etc. The aim of the project is to give our students an opportunity to help others without expecting anything in return, while demonstrating the school values of positivity and respect. The project begins in winter and runs through until the summer holidays. In that time, students are required to complete at least two projects, both long and short term. Students keep track of their projects and reflect on their contributions.

As an embodiment of the school’s vision to inspire students to be responsible, future focused and proactive citizens of Europe and the world, we are confident that this project will be highly valued by our school community, and will continue as a vital part of the S4 Mentor programme for many years to come.

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