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Carmen completed the European Baccalaureate in 2019 and was part of ESH's very first group of graduates. Carmen received the 2019 Languages Award for outstanding ability in languages. We recently caught up with Carmen to see where the European Baccalaureate has taken her.

I am at the end of my second year studying Psychology at Leiden University. I am additionally following my faculty's Honors track and I have been working for UNICEF Leiden for the past year as Secretary. Other than this, I have been active in publishing articles for my faculty's blog as well as other student magazines, and other projects of mine have also been published in the Honors College Online Magazine.

Going into the third year of my psychology program, I am excited to continue to specialize in child education and developmental influences, such as parenting. My hope is to write my Bachelor Thesis about this topic and to continue to volunteer for UNICEF, perhaps as an intern. I have also applied to several online mental health platforms as a content creator.

Throughout the pandemic, I spent the first six months living in a tent in the south of Germany and the rest of the time in my apartment in Leiden.


Where has the European Baccalaureate taken you?

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Image: Leiden academiegebouw by Rudolphous