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When the coronacrisis took hold in March, our S7s were preparing for their European Baccalaureate examinations, and plans were already well underway for a graduation ceremony in the auditorium at the European Patent Office. The closure of the school and social distancing rules meant that neither of these events could go ahead. For our students, it also meant that this significant time in their lives, which is traditionally full of milestones, was spent at home.

These milestones are just as important for us as a school, as they are for each of our S7 students. So despite the restrictions that are still in place, we are determined to celebrate the Class of 2020, and give them the recognition they deserve for having the resilience to complete Secondary school through one of the most unpredictable school years in recent history. We might not be able to host a large celebration, but we will celebrate in a slightly different way!

Results announced

The results of this year’s European Baccalaureate will be electronically published on Monday 22 June. The school will be in touch with each of our candidates on that day and beyond, to support our students and discuss their outcomes with them as part of our ongoing commitment of care.

Graduation ceremonies

Due to the coronavirus restrictions, this year’s ceremony will be held in mentor class groups, with each graduate welcome to invite 2 family members to their ceremony. The event will be held at ESH Secondary, and a short reception will follow each ceremony. Social distancing will be implemented, and there will be thorough cleaning completed between each event. Photographs from the event will be shared on our website and social media accounts, so those who are unable to attend can follow along.

Online celebration

Unfortunately, many students and teachers may not get a chance to farewell our S7s before they leave our school. We felt it was important to give everyone in the community the opportunity to share their farewells and messages of support in a safe online environment. Therefore, the Class of 2020 webpage will be published in the Parent Portal, and will be full of photographs and memories from our students’ time at ESH. The page will be published after the official results are released, and we hope the community support they receive as part of this digital farewell will be something our S7s can look back on and cherish for many years to come.

Winter celebration

Due to social distancing restrictions, we are currently unable to host a large reception for all of the S7s to come together to celebrate. However, in the new school year we will gain access to the newly renovated chapel hall which will make for the perfect setting to host a winter reunion and graduation celebration for our Class of 2020 alumni. All of our S7s will be invited back to join us for a celebratory event in December to share memories, awards, speeches and more.