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As an ESH Alumni member, you'll play a valuable role in our school community. By using your European Baccalaureate diploma to build the bridge between our school, international universities and the corporate world, your achievements are an example to our current students, demonstrating what ESH graduates can achieve.

Alumni members continue to feel connected to and supported by ESH, long after leaving our school. The Alumni network will contribute to your continued personal and professional development through access to online resources, advice, careers events, invitations to reunion events with your classmates and networking functions to expand your professional network. Alumni members will also be invited to become mentors to our current students and be given the opportunity to contribute to the running of the alumni network.

Join the ESH Alumni to keep in touch with us, so we can support you, and celebrate your future successes.

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Where has the European Baccalaureate taken our Alumni members?

Max, Class of 2020

Taja, Class of 2020

Mark, Class of 2020

Laura, Class of 2020

Irena, Class of 2019


Julia, Class of 2019

Alumni Europae ASBL 

The European Schools also have an alumni network, and as a graduate of a European School, you can join their alumni too. Alumni Europae wants to unite and reunite former students, as well as parents, teachers and staff from all European Schools, by putting like-minded people in touch on a social and professional level.

Whether you are a student, former student, teacher or parent of a student at the European school, you are welcome to register on their site.

Visit the Alumni Europae ASBL website

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