The European Schools Network

The European Schools were established in 1957 to educate the children of employees of European Union institutions (such as the European Commission, European Patent Office and European Central Bank). The Europese School Den Haag/ European School The Hague was primarily founded for Eurojust, Europol, EPO and ESA-ESTEC families, whose children are entitled to a place at our school. Additional places are also available for pupils who qualify for an international education according to the Dutch regulations.

There are 14 traditional European Schools, in six EU countries, which are administered by the European Schools’ Board of Governors in Brussels. There are also 11 accredited European Schools across Europe with more planned in the future. These are national schools that offer the European Schools curriculum. The European School The Hague is an officially Accredited European School, partly administered and financed by the Dutch national education system, and is accredited by the Board of Governors of the European Schools since December 2012. It is also part of the Foundation Het Rijnlands Lyceum.

The European School The Hague, in common with all European Schools follows the same structure and is subject to Pedagogical Inspections and Audits by European School inspectors mandated by the General Secretary every three years. Programmes and evaluation processes are identical, including the final European Baccalaureate examinations.

Map of the European Schools



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