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External Support

Support Networks

The European School The Hague is partly funded and supported by the Dutch government. This means we are a member of two support networks in this region. For Primary, we are a member of Stichting Passend Primair Onderwijs Haaglanden (SPPOH). For Secondary, we are a member of Samenwerkingsverband Zuid-Holland West (SWVZHW). The support network assigns a school advisor to our school. This advisor can arrange support for students with specific needs.If the needs of a pupil extend beyond our support provisions, we refer to specialised schools. One of these schools is Lighthouse. They provide English education to Primary children with special educational needs. At other schools, provisions are available in Dutch.

Social Work through Xtra+ and Schoolformaat

For social-emotional support we have contracted social workers to work within our school. They are available for supporting our pupils in matters related to growing up. For example, working on your confidence or how to cope with changing situations at home.

European Schools

The support team joins all the other European Schools for yearly training days. There we discuss matters related to supporting our pupils together with our colleagues. Topics can include differentiation, special provisions, procedures or specific learning needs like dyslexia.

Centre for Youth and Welfare

In our area of the city we are linked with our Centre for Youth and Welfare (CJG Segbroek). We have an appointed school doctor and school nurse based at the CJG. We can contact them for any matters related to the health of our pupils. The doctor and nurse also join us at our Internal Support Committee. All pupils within our school are called in for a medical examination at the ages of 5, 11 and 14.


The "Haags Centrum voor Onderwijs" or HCO is our partner for diagnostic assessments. This means that a member of HCO can come to our school to assess one of our pupils. These assessments can be for academic or behavioural needs.

Internal Support Committee

The Internal Support Committee (ISC) is a meeting with specialists, parents and staff. The purpose of this group is to take collective action to further support our pupils. These meetings are invaluable in arranging support for our intensive support pupils.


As a European School, we have a range of provisions we can put in place for pupils with additional needs. These range from small (different font size, extra reading time) to large adaptations.For S6 and S7, these provisions can only be put in place when approved by the inspectors for support from the European schools. Such requests must always be accompanied by recent psychological assessment. More information on this process is available with the Secondary support coordinator.

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