School Fees

The school fee must be paid in full before the start of the school year or in four instalments.

See the Standard Terms and Conditions (below) for detailed information about the specific costs regarding;

  • school fees
  • lunchtime supervision
  • additional costs for school trips and school activities (2017-2018)
  • locker rental (Secondary only)

Please take note that the costs of the following facilities are not included;

  • camps
  • canteen
  • bus transport
  • after-school care
  • after-school activities

Primary School Standard Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions Early Years & Primary 2018-2019 Category I

Standard Terms & Conditions Early Years & Primary 2018-2019 Category III

Standard Terms & Conditions Early Years & Primary 2019-2020 Category I

Standard Terms & Conditions Early Years & Primary 2019-2020 Category III

Secondary School Standard Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions Secondary 2018-2019 Category I

Standard Terms & Conditions Secondary 2018-2019 Category III

Standard Terms & Conditions Secondary 2019-2020 Category I

Standard Terms & Conditions Secondary 2019-2020 Category III

Withdrawal Procedure

For children that will be leaving the ESH, we require a completed Withdrawal Form.

You need to send a scan of the completed form (with parents’ signatures) to: and/or

If you have a contract with an after-school care provider, the school bus or our canteen, you need to contact them directly to inform them about the withdrawal.

Once the withdrawal form has been received, this will be processed by the school administration staff.

The next steps are:

  1. A credit note will be issued, if this is relevant.
  2. If there are no outstanding fees, a leavers report will be created with educational information and a confirmation of attendance.
  3. The leavers report will be sent to parents first. If there are any comments/requests for adjustment from parents, this will be collected and added to a Leavers File, which will then be sent to the new school. It is therefore very important to submit the withdrawal form on time and provide the contact information for the new school (email address and telephone number). The file will be sent by email and will be password protected.

If you need to have copies of previous school reports in order to apply to the new school, you can contact your child’s class teacher to request the report folder.

The information that is provided in a Leavers Report and the procedure for sharing this with parents and the new school is in accordance with the Dutch Law regarding Primary Schools, the GDPR and the advice from LKR (Landelijke Klachtencommisie Onderwijs) which is the national complaint registry for education.

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