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The ESHpansion project Construction Goals:

- To extend the atrium and canteen space (6 meters wider)
- To build a new kitchen (60m2) for the caterers to cook nutritious and delicious food for your children.
- To have a bigger staffroom on the first floor. 

Construction Timeline

11 June 2019 to February 2020. While all construction parties involved will do their best to stick to the schedule, we know that delays are un-avoidable. We will keep you updated! 

What's happening now / next?

Update October 31: All construction is being completed on time and the end is in sight (see the photo below right). We are ready to plan a celebration - maybe in January!

Our builders have connected the new Atrium extension to the old atrium, giving us 6m extra width for the length of the atrium. And, the Staffroom is also nearing completion, see this photo below. 





Update October 8: The outside structure is complete and considered closed to both wind and water. In the next weeks, the construction team will work on the inside floors, breaking through to the atrium and first floors and connecting them to the new building. 

During the October holidays, the children's cooking room on the third floor will also be installed, with steel tables, oven and stoves. 

August 29, 2019:

As we return from the summer vacation, we see the clear dimensions of the atruim extension. The base of the ground floor has been laid and the next step will be to erect the steel frame. 

This will be very interesting for the children as it takes three days and a crane will be brought in for this purpose. 

The good news is that everything is running to schedule and there have been no delays or complications at all. 

 #ESHpansion #GreatESHpectations 

Parking Changes for parents:

Achttax School Buses will "stop and drop" passenges on the OUTSIDE ring of our roundabout. We ask parents to use the INSIDE of our roundabout for the "Kiss and Ride" when you stop to drop off your children in the morning. Parents may NOT park and leave their cars in the roundabout during peak times (pick up and drop off). We want to facilitate the flow of traffic and your cooperation is appreciated. 

Bikes will be parked in the NEW temporary bike parking area in the teachers parking area. Traffic controllers will help to direct you. 

Safety & Security - The Hague's Municipality involvement

There is close collaboration between the municipality of The Hague, our construction company and our facilities manager.

At each step of planning, we look and analyse the whole construction site from a safety perspective. And, each step needs to be approved.

All personnel involved in construction hold a VCA diploma / certificate. This stands for De Veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu Checklist Aannemers (VCA). Roughly translated, it is the Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors. This is a certifiable checklist for contractors demonstrating they carefully consider safety, health and the environment while performing w

ork on the construction site. This standard also has the additional requirements to increase safety awareness during work. 

The construction company are especially safety conscious because they are at a school and are well trained to avoid any risks. We have agreed with the construction company that there will be no trucks entering or leaving the school during the peak rush periods between 8:00 and 9:00am as well as 14:30 - 15:30 or 12:00 - 13:15 on Wednesdays. This has been agreed with the construction company.

Emergency Exits: Soon after the construction fences and barriers have been put up, we will do a fire-drill / evacuation to familiarise staff and pupils with the new procedures and directions to the outside muster points. 

Big fences / barriers will separate the school from construction areas. Doors to the construction area will be locked and children will not have access to building areas at all.  

Teachers will have new supervision duties during lunch and play time.

There will be an awning / roof along the portacabin exit to further protect your children and keep them safe as they pass by the construction area.

The Hague municipality had experts check the construction plans for safety. All has been approved. They will do a thourough investigation to ensure your children are not at risk and are kept safely away from any building and construction areas. As you can see, children can observe from a safe place! 

These are the other changes and impacts to ESH primary - see the map above:

1)      Entrance to the school: The big downward ramp into the front of the school (on the left) will be exclusively used by the construction trucks and personnel. Children, parents, staff and visitors will walk down the stairs and enter the reception area as usual, but with less space. (Top Diagram: The area marked with grey xxxx will be off limits and inaccessible to children. This whole area will be fenced off (dark blue lines) and wrapped around the school building).

2)      Bike parking area: A new, temporary bike parking place will be in the teachers parking area, instead of at the back where it is now. There will be a separate entrance for cars and bikes.

3)      Play areas changed The P1 children will play in the EY playground. The P2 to P5 children will play on the grass field and usual spaces.  

4)      Drop off and Pick up procedures: For the 8 months of construction: 
EY, P1 & P2 will be dropped off and collected from the EY playground and gate.
P3, P4 & P5 will be dropped off and collected from area in front of the reception. 

5)      Canteen / Atrium: Children will eat in the canteen as usual. After the summer holiday, there will be a strong hoarding or "dust barrier" wall built in the atrium, so children can have their canteen meal in peace and the area will be kept clean, hygienic and dust free. 

6)      Noise. With any construction, we can expect noise. However, when there are special events, we will make requests to the construction company workers to be silent on special occasions, when deemed appropriate.

7)      Emergency Exits - as explained above, there will be new exits for the children to exit the school in the most efficient way and this will be rehearsed as soon as construction begins.


Q: Why can't the construction trucks enter from a different point so we don't have all the inconvenience at the entrance?
A: We have looked at numerous options, behind Zein (enter where the bike parking is) or building a ramp from the teachers parking, but none were approved. The municipality of The Hague would not allow us to cross the cycle path and enter from Segbroeklaan.

Q: Won't it be dangerous for my children when they are playing outside?
A: No, the construction company has done a thorough investigation of all risk areas to keep your children safe during the construction period. Please see point 6 above for the school's safety strategies in place. There are strong fences to keep the children away and safe from the building areas. 

Q: How can we see the building progress / know how far it is?
A: We understand that everyone is curious about the developments and changes at ESH primary. To view the construction from a safe distance, children can view it from the first floor. We have asked for "peep holes" in the fences for the children who are most interested in investigating the construction. Parents can check this website page for milestones and updates, and you will be alerted via the bi-monthly newsletter. 

Q: When will it all be over?
A: We expect to celebrate the beautiful new atrium, canteen and staff room with parents, pupils, staff and friends in February 2020. You will recieve updates and an invitation when the time comes near and we are ready to roll out the red carpet for you! 

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