Participation Council

By law, every school in the Netherlands is linked with a medezeggenschrapsraad (MR). This is a participation council, where elected teacher and parent (and in Secondary also student ) representatives are consulted by the school management on various matters concerning the management of the school. As prescribed by law, there are separate MR’s for the Primary and Secondary schools and separate general participation councils (GMR) which deal with the Stichting’s (Foundation) issues.

According to legislation, the MR holds two types of rights: the right of advice (adviesrecht) and the right of approval (instemmingrecht). Matters in which either right can be used are specified. The MR’s are regulated by the Dutch law 'Wet medezeggenschap op scholen'.

Any member of staff, parent or pupil can observe a meeting but cannot participate unless requested to by the Chairperson. The Council reserves the right to hold meetings (or parts of meetings) in private if the subject matter is of a confidential and/or sensitive nature.

You can find the minutes of all PC meetings on the Parent portal (requires login)

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