The ESH is part of the Foundation Rijnlands Lyceum and as such adheres to the rules and regulations of the foundation. The Foundation stands for excellent education and supports its schools in realising the best education for its students. Please visit the Foundation website for more information on the mission and vision of the Rijnlands Lyceum and all articles of association, charters, disputes and complaints regulations.


The school has the following management structure:

  • Director: Mr. Frans van de Kerkhof
  • Deputy-Director Primary: Mr. Eugene Voorneman
  • Deputy-Director Secondary: Mr. Francois Roosegaarde Bisschop
  • Facilities Manager: Danielle Eijkenbroek

Since the school opened in 2012 the ESH has transformed into a thriving European School where we welcome children in the Early Years Section and guide them all the way through Primary School toward achieving their European Baccalaureate Diploma. Our Management team has successfully navigated the local and European guidelines which apply to our school, managing the transition from brand new school to a robust school community. You can read more about the Management Team members here by clicking on their photo.

Frans van de Kerkhof

Our Director Frans has been head of the ESH since 2015 but like many in education his career started in the classroom as a teacher. His professional career developed as a headmaster, teacher trainer and policy advisor for primary and secondary education. These roles were both in The Netherlands and abroad. After returning to the Netherlands he became more and more involved in international education and for almost 18 years Frans travelled all over the world to visit and support Dutch international schools. 
Since 2000 Frans has been actively involved in European Schooling and has represented the Dutch Ministry of Education in the Board of Governors of the European Schools. Besides his bachelor degree in teaching, Frans has a master degree in Public Administration and a master degree in Educational Superintendency.
“In my role as school director, analysing and interpreting data is important for decision making but for me the people behind the statistics are even more important. School leadership is all about understanding people.”  

Eugene Voorneman

Eugene is one of the original members of the team who have been working at ESH since day one. As our Deputy Director Primary School, Eugene originally became familiar with the European School system in Germany where he held a Middle Management position at the European School Karlsruhe (2002-2012) after teaching in the Primary and Secondary department.
"At ESH I want to facilitate an environment in which ESH staff can grow and develop and to make sure our pupils achieve their maximum potential!”

Francois Roosegaarde Bisschop

Francois started as Deputy Director Secondary in 2018, after working as a teacher, timetabler, ICT coordinator and educational advisor. He worked at the European School Karslruhe from 2004 till 2013.

Danielle Eijkenbroek

Danielle has been our Facilities Manager since March 2015 and brought more than 15 years of managerial experience in facility management, prior to working at ESH she was a facility manager at a mental health hospital in the east of the Netherlands. 
"At the ESH I lead a fantastic team that is vital in the daily running of the school. Some of my team are very visible (reception, concierges, canteen) and others are working just as hard behind the scenes (ICT and administration). My goal is to support the primary process together with the facilities team as best as we can and to make sure all pupils, parents, staff and visitors are safe and comfortable."

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