Mission Story

The European School The Hague is a unique school. We were established in 2012 to educate the children of employees of European Union institutions. We provide a multilingual and multicultural education to Early Years, Primary and Secondary school children culminating in the European Baccalaureate. We are an officially Accredited European School, partly administered and financed by the Dutch national education system, and accredited by the Board of Governors of the European Schools since December 2012. We are part of the Rijnlands Lyceum Foundation.

Our Vision

is to inspire students to be responsible, future focused, and proactive citizens of Europe and the world.

Our Mission

is to provide a positive, open-minded community that fosters ambition through rich cultural and academic opportunities, inspiring lifelong learning.

Our Community

is enriched by our multicultural and multilingual staff, students and parents as we connect, collaborate and celebrate a culture of learning.

Our Core Values

provide the foundation of how the ESH community, staff, students and families achieve our mission.


We strive to reach our full potential. We accept challenges and have a passion for finding solutions.


We focus on the positive aspects in all situations. We build a constructive and positive environment from which everyone benefits.


We show respect for people, possessions, our planet, protocols and ourselves. We accept the differences, strengths and weaknesses of others.


Key Competences

Our ESH pupils are future citizens of Europe and the world. As such, they need a range of competences to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. In 2006 the European Council and European Parliament adopted a European Framework for Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. These competences are incorporated and embedded in the European Schools curriculum. The eight key competences, which all individuals need for personal fulfillment and development, active citizenship, social inclusion and employment are what we aim for our students to achieve.

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