Media Centre

In the Media Centere students can enjoy a space where they can borrow books in multiple languages either for study or for relaxation; they can work individually or in small groups and they can do research via internet, books and online encyclopedias.

The ever-growing collection now covers more than 5,500 books in the 6 languages taught at school and it includes fiction and easy-language books, as well as literacy, arts and science books to support the European syllabus. 

At our school volunteer students are invited to participate in the development of the library by suggesting new acquisitions and accomplishing various tasks during their free time. In cooperation with teachers we have set up reading clubs to participate in national reading competitions. 

When developing the collections special attention is paid to the interest of the students, the interest of the teachers in a topic and to the language level. For example, classics can be found in their original text and in a graded level for students learning a new language.

Good to know!

  • Students can borrow 3 books for 3 weeks, Monday to Friday 8:30-16:10.


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