Living in The Hague

The Hague is a great place to live and work. There are more than 50.000 internationals living in the city (total population 516,000) and more than 160 intergovernmental and non-governmental international organisations are housed in The Hague. It is truly an international city in the heart of The Netherlands.

In 1899, the first international peace conference was held in The Hague. It was the beginning of a special role for The Hague as the international city of peace and justice. Nationally our city is known as ‘the Hofstad’, serving not only as the seat of government where vitally important decisions affecting the future of the country are taken every day, but also as the residence of the Dutch royal family... you might cross paths with the king or spot the prime minister biking to work, like anyone else.

The International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, Eurojust, Europol and the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) are all based in The Hague. There are more than 130 NGOs here, such as Unicef and Oxfam Novib and most foreign embassies. And with the international campuses of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and the universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam, the city attracts a steady stream of highly educated talent.

The Hague is the only large Dutch city on the sea. Live here and you have access to an 11 kilometre stretch of beach. It’s the place for sports like beach volleyball and kite surfing. In fact, it’s the best surfing beach on the North Sea, with good waves and a laid back atmosphere, all this located within fifteen minutes from school!

There is a wide choice of cultural venues with the city hosting 20 museums, 14 concert venues, 8 theatres and plenty of festivals. For food-lovers there is an abundance of places to try out from high end restaurants to world cuisine or restaurants on the beach.

With excellent accessibility by air, rail and road, the world is close at hand when you’re in The Hague. Conveniently situated between Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam-The Hague airport (30 min by road and rail) and has two major train stations connecting to Brussels, Paris and London.

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