Welcome to our school.

Located in the international heart of The Hague, The European School of The Hague is an officially Accredited European School. We are committed to the intellectual and personal development of our students, encouraging them to become positive, accountable and creative European and global citizens. 

The European Schools were established in 1957 to educate the children of employees of European Union institutions. Children of these employees are entitled to a place in a European School, where they are provided with a multilingual and multicultural education at Early Years, Primary and Secondary levels. Our school was primarily founded to meet the educational needs of children of employees of Eurojust, Europol, EPO and ESA-ESTEC. Limited places are also available for pupils who qualify for an international education according to the Dutch regulations. Read More



We provide education to more than 1100 pupils from the Early Years classes to the Secondary school at our two campuses. Our European Baccalaureate curriculum provides our students with a multilingual education that qualifies them to study further in tertiary institutions around Europe and the the world.

Have a look inside! Our pupils and teachers were asked to feature in a short clip made for the opening of the National School leaders conference in The Netherlands this year. 




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        We hold regular information mornings for the Primary School and Secondary School, come and meet us and have a look around.

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